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This Etycoon Review is by an actual Etycoon user. Ryan Moran’s course has been a real game change for me. Note: This is a review, if you are looking for the official Etycoon website Click Here!

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Google Sniper 2.0

Google Sniper 2.0 is something you don’t want to miss. The first Google Sniper was the back bone of many successful affiliate marketers if not the majority of them. (Me included) If your new to internet marketing, this is a must have. I know I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Here is a quote from the big cheese George Brown himself “It’s almost foolproof. And if that wasn’t enough, check out all that I’ve added for 2.0…

* Brand new, revised and in many cases totally transformed for 2011… Google Sniping has never been so easy or so profitable. There’s been improvements to just about every area.

* All new “5 star” members area and all step by step videos re-imagined, updated and re filmed for the new version personally by me, George.

* Massive improvements to the core of the system itself, particularly keyword research (now it’s way easier than ever before) and FTC compliance, making sure you and your sniper sites are 100% protected in your affiliate marketing from any legal threats.

* Coaching call recordings from the original, never before seen videos, real case studies and more.

* And the best thing of all…

* BRAND NEW Huge “Empire” Module – This massive new addition to the course will teach users how to go from one small sniper site to a full-on life changing EMPIRE. We’ll cover topics like business development, creating your own products and the biggest draw of all… How to outsource the ENTIRE Google Sniper process (this huge addition to Google Sniper is a complete game changer).” Please don’t pass this huge opportunity up! Make this the year you succeed.

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This amazing video reveals a unique system that allows anyone, no matter what their level of experience to generate as much as $3000 each day selling *weird* stuff like train horns, pet supplies and sewing machines… …WITHOUT having to stock any products …WITHOUT needing to know anything about the markets! Be warned though… This is TRULY bizarre – but well worth watching because this proven system could allow you to: – Build online assets that you can sell for thousands, even millions of dollars. – Generate income fast – no experience, time or technical ability needed. – Take just 60 days to create a SIX-Figure Income Check out the video here: —>Must See Video! Thanks! Kenny

Kelly Felix and Mike Long Do It Again!

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Bring The Fresh Bring’s The Proof!


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Kelly Felix and Mike Long have created an affiliate marketing course that is a dream come true for newbies called “Bring The Fresh” (Click Here to visit the official website). I know from first hand experience that is works like nothing I’ve  ever used and I have tried thousands of dollars worth of courses. For two years I have tried to get my sites ranked in Google with no luck, but within four weeks of using Bring The Fresh, I have multiple websites and articles ranking on the first couple pages of Google and even a couple in the #1 position on the first page of Google. Dream come true!!!

Now I’m certainly not the only one Kelly Felix and Mike Long have taught the secret of their success.

In the Bring The Fresh members group there are people having success every day. Kelly Felix and Mike Long are also on there just about every day helping their student find success. I truly wish I would have found this two years ago because I would be super rich buy now, but that’s OK because I’m on my way! They also give you their phone number and they personally talk to you if you need help. There is a 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the course, (which is the only reason my wife let me try it!) so it’s a no brainer, you really can’t lose!

To Go To the Official Bring The Fresh Website CLICK HERE!

I’m more than confident that you’re gonna love Bring The Fresh. I’m a little  slow when it comes to following ebooks and mind maps and stuff like that, but Kelly Felix and Mike show you step by step with videos. You watch over their shoulders as they find keywords, affiliate products, build sites, get them ranked, and most important of all you see the website make money. Now if building websites scare you, Don’t Be Scared, they got you covered there too. They leave nothing out, nothing hidden it’s all their. If you can’t make money online with this course, you never will because it doesn’t get easier than this. I believe in this internet marketing course  so much that I had no problem putting my face on this page and in the video below and my wife, daughter, and Charlie and Daisy (you will find out who they are in the happy birthday video on this site) on here as well! Well I hope this review  has helped and I want to wish you much success.

Thank you Kelly Felix and Mike Long!

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Kelly Felix

Kelly Felix  and Bring The Fresh

Kelly Felix ( creator of The Rich Jerk) and Mike Long (Area 51 Lifestyle) have created a new course for the newbie internet marketer called “Bring The Fresh”. I myself struggled for almost two years until I found Bring The Fresh. Kelly and Mike made every thing clear. Their down to earth and straight forward style of teaching makes internet marketing fun and easy! ( I’m serious it’s really easy)

This course will help even the newest person in affiliate marketing start making money online. I want to see more people like me and you make a full time living online so you can quit your job (like I did) and have the time to enjoy life, spent more time with your family and go on that long over do vacation.   Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about Kelly Felix and Mike Long because they truly helped change my life for the better. I’m Having the time of my life and you can too. I never liked working a 9 to 5 job,( well it was more like 5am to 7pm.) But you know how that goes I’m sure! Now I love my job because it doesn’t feel like work. It’s a lot of fun doing internet marketing once you know how to do it.

One more thing, Bring The Fresh has a 60 day money back guarantee so you can check it out if you want and if you don’t like it they will give you your money back, But I know your gonna love it!

If you want to check out Kelly Felix and the Bring The Fresh site CLICK HERE!

Check Out Kelly Felix and Mike Long’s Official Bring The Fresh Site!

Kelly Felix – Internet Marketer

Kelly Felix and Mike Long are two of what I consider the best internet marketers in the world. These two giants have come together to teach internet marketing to the little guys like you and me with “Bring The Fresh“. They teach in a ground braking way that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. It’s ground breaking because they are honest and care about their students! They even give you their phone numbers so you can reach them and best of all you really get them on the line. They also really make this a fun home business to be in. I’ve learned so much in this course about affiliate marketing and unlike so many of the other guru’s out there, Kelly Felix and Mike Long show you everything and leave nothing out. I’m now and will always be a internet marketer. I truly love these guys! They take you by the hand, and show you step by step one of the easiest and most unique methods to profit from affiliate marketing.

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Happy Birthday Kelly Felix! and we hope you have many many more!

Check out Kelly Felix at Bring The Fresh.

Kelly Felix
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